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I happen to visit this book store for finding out a reference book which was not readily available for my kid. This book store is the main epitome of books in the city and if you are unable to find it here, the chances of finding it any of the large number of bookstores is very bleak. This is the place from where books are dispatched to other bookstores in bulk.

In spite of their very hectic schedule running from 10 am in the morning to 8 pm in the evening, with also erratic customers, the sales people are extremely courteous. In my few visits, I have observed that this behaviour might have been due to the amicable nature of the owner. From continuously writing bills, recording the sales and also effectively handling customers, the person is an “Effective” one. Moreover, during the very few interactions, observing him, I have found to be a person of good heart; his genuine attempt has always been to help the people mostly the students. These were only perceptions till the other day.

I happen to visit to visit the bookstore at around 7:45 pm and the crowd was less. As I handed over the money, I asked the timings of their job to which the salesperson replied that it is from 10 am to 8 pm. My immediate remark was intended to the owner with the phrase, “It might be so taxing for you every day.”

The owner remarked, “I just sit, but these boys have to run here and there and they even do not get time for lunch at the right time. Their job is very strenuous.”

I was taken aback; this person who is the owner is so much concerned for his employees. Oh!!! What a gem of a person. I could not resist saying to the employees, “You are lucky to work under such a good person.” They immediately acknowledged.

I felt like saying something to the owner and said “Sir, since you sit for so long every day, may you please go for a walk in the evening. It will be beneficial for you.”

He replied, “Yes, I have to, but have been unable to manage.”

I continued, “Just a casual walk for 30 minutes, releasing all the tensions / stress generated in the day. I follow this routine as my job also involves working at a stretch for long hours.”

He looked at me for some time and the remarked, his voice low and filled with emotion, “Till date nobody has spoken to me like this, so caring. I do not know you, but I take you as my younger brother and assure you that I will start what you have advised; a sincere advice from a younger brother.”

The happiness I felt was just unbelievable…. This is LIFE.

Location: Book Corner, Panbazar, Guwahati, Assam, India.



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Water is precious, Let’s Act…


Water is precious and is very much essential for life to be in the universe.

We find water everywhere in abundance but to find water fit for drinking is difficult and has to be purchased. Let’s understand some of the interesting facts of the chemical substance called water.

When one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen meet in a complex chemical process we get water. Water existing in three different states – gaseous (vapor or steam), liquid and solid (ice). About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water out of which only 3% is fresh water and the rest 97% is saline water of the oceans, seas etc. Fresh water is available from lakes (87%), Swamp (11%) and rivers (2%) and Lake Baikal in Siberia is the single largest source of water.

Although pure water is said to be tasteless but human and animals have developed senses which enables them to evaluate the potability of water e.g. salty etc. The term used to describe the study of movement, distribution and quality of water is called Hydrology. The weight measure gm as defined in 1795, France is the weight of a water cube of 1/100 of a meter at the temperature of melting ice.

The human body contains 55 to 78% of water and hence a healthy person requires about 6-7 glass (2 litres) of water per day.

Power is also generated from water when the water drives a turbine connected to a generator and the electricity generated is called hydro electricity. Pressurized water can be used for cutting and is called water jet cutters.

Today we are feeling the pinch of water shortage. According to a global study it has been estimated that by the year 2025 more than half of the world population will be facing water shortage. Today the agricultural sector uses around 70% of the fresh water available and with growing population and the demand for more food the agricultural activities shall increase leading to more consumption of fresh water. Considering this serious there to life in the planet it was decided that the year 2005-2015 shall be observed as ‘Celebrating water for life: The international decade for action’. For this purpose the date 22nd March of 2005 was initiated as the ‘World Water Day’ and is yearly celebrated. Organizations across the globe celebrates ‘World Water Day’ to create awareness about this very important and basic need.

The theme for World Water Day 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century.

We at our individual level have a much more large role to play.

Starting for our home we should educate our children, other family members, servants about the need for conservation of water and reduce its wastage. As many noble steps for conservation of water and reduce its wastage are available in the textbooks, it is our duty to instil these into habits of our wards, the neighborhood people. It is easier said than done, but if we make them understand the cost and effort undergone by the organization and the people involved in the process they will definitely try to sustain the habit and try to propagate the same habit among their friends and near and dear ones.

There are numerous small measures which we can adopt, without losing anything to save water. What is needed is an urge from within to feel it and act. By the grace of the Almighty and as a gift of nature, water is abundant in our place. However, we at home try to minimize the use of flush, garden the plants in the evening, reuse the water used for washing vegetables for watering plants, immediately report leakages and many other such small steps. This is done to make the kids realise the importance of conservation of Water, the essence of life.

Once we are able to realize the need, we shall not only be able to instil but also sustain these measures for water conservation and prevention of wastage.

The choice is ours…we need to act…and the best place…our home itself. With our head high we can say that we too contributed in the desired way…

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What you want to be – Effective or Efficient


During a workshop on Balanced Score Card at Chicago, USA, the faculty member explained with a beautiful example of the thin line of difference between “Doing the Right Thing” and “Doing Things Right”.

Already delayed due to overnight heavy snow leading to a few minutes of cosy sleep, the person finds his car covered under snow. Immediately the person cleans the snow out of the windscreen and hurriedly presses the key to unlock the car. To utter surprise, the person finds that the lights blinked on a different car just at the back. Oh! All the effort went in vain and the job has to be repeated again. A classic case of efficiency vis-a-vis effectiveness. The person, efficient person, did the right thing and might have completed the job, maybe faster than others, but at the end the result was not the desired one.

What would an effective person have done in this situation? The person would have first pressed the key to unlock the right car and then would have stated removing the snow. This is what is called “Doing the Right Thing”.

Definitions available in various sources define an Effective Person as one who is adequate to accomplish a purpose, i.e. one who can produce the intended or expected result. On the other hand an Efficient Person is the one who performs or functions in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort.

The thin line of difference is these two types is that an effective person always do the right things, whereas an efficient person does the things right. So, in case of an efficient person the job is done right but the job may not be the right one to be done. In simple terms it may be said as doing a wrong thing perfectly.

Again, if the available definitions are considered then, Effectiveness is about doing or using the right things — things that yield positive results and Efficiency is simply about doing things right — i.e., completing a task cheaper or faster.

In our day-to-day life this thin line of difference makes a huge difference in terms of Task Accomplishment, Productivity and indirectly in our own happiness. Doing the Right Thing gives us mental peace…