Positioning Yourself For Allocations..

“Pride always goes before a fall”; Stop slandering and judging others and avoid the temptation to constantly make yourself superior to others; Just liked….

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When a person is positioned correctly, he or she can and is ready to receive all God has for them. The Bible often uses the word simple. The original term means ‘thick, dull, and sluggish’, and it describes those who are insensitive and unreceptive to the thoughts of others.

Positioning yourself to receive from God makes all the difference! For example, as you read this, if you position yourself to receive by saying to the Lord, ‘I will take action on what you show me,’ you’ll benefit more than if you read it just to be motivated or inspired. To resist or to receive – that’s a choice you make every day. Nothing dies quicker than a new idea in a closed mind. It’s impossible to learn if you think you already know it all.

One of the reasons Jesus reacted so strongly to the Pharisees was because they refused…

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