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I happen to visit this book store for finding out a reference book which was not readily available for my kid. This book store is the main epitome of books in the city and if you are unable to find it here, the chances of finding it any of the large number of bookstores is very bleak. This is the place from where books are dispatched to other bookstores in bulk.

In spite of their very hectic schedule running from 10 am in the morning to 8 pm in the evening, with also erratic customers, the sales people are extremely courteous. In my few visits, I have observed that this behaviour might have been due to the amicable nature of the owner. From continuously writing bills, recording the sales and also effectively handling customers, the person is an “Effective” one. Moreover, during the very few interactions, observing him, I have found to be a person of good heart; his genuine attempt has always been to help the people mostly the students. These were only perceptions till the other day.

I happen to visit to visit the bookstore at around 7:45 pm and the crowd was less. As I handed over the money, I asked the timings of their job to which the salesperson replied that it is from 10 am to 8 pm. My immediate remark was intended to the owner with the phrase, “It might be so taxing for you every day.”

The owner remarked, “I just sit, but these boys have to run here and there and they even do not get time for lunch at the right time. Their job is very strenuous.”

I was taken aback; this person who is the owner is so much concerned for his employees. Oh!!! What a gem of a person. I could not resist saying to the employees, “You are lucky to work under such a good person.” They immediately acknowledged.

I felt like saying something to the owner and said “Sir, since you sit for so long every day, may you please go for a walk in the evening. It will be beneficial for you.”

He replied, “Yes, I have to, but have been unable to manage.”

I continued, “Just a casual walk for 30 minutes, releasing all the tensions / stress generated in the day. I follow this routine as my job also involves working at a stretch for long hours.”

He looked at me for some time and the remarked, his voice low and filled with emotion, “Till date nobody has spoken to me like this, so caring. I do not know you, but I take you as my younger brother and assure you that I will start what you have advised; a sincere advice from a younger brother.”

The happiness I felt was just unbelievable…. This is LIFE.

Location: Book Corner, Panbazar, Guwahati, Assam, India.



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What you want to be – Effective or Efficient


During a workshop on Balanced Score Card at Chicago, USA, the faculty member explained with a beautiful example of the thin line of difference between “Doing the Right Thing” and “Doing Things Right”.

Already delayed due to overnight heavy snow leading to a few minutes of cosy sleep, the person finds his car covered under snow. Immediately the person cleans the snow out of the windscreen and hurriedly presses the key to unlock the car. To utter surprise, the person finds that the lights blinked on a different car just at the back. Oh! All the effort went in vain and the job has to be repeated again. A classic case of efficiency vis-a-vis effectiveness. The person, efficient person, did the right thing and might have completed the job, maybe faster than others, but at the end the result was not the desired one.

What would an effective person have done in this situation? The person would have first pressed the key to unlock the right car and then would have stated removing the snow. This is what is called “Doing the Right Thing”.

Definitions available in various sources define an Effective Person as one who is adequate to accomplish a purpose, i.e. one who can produce the intended or expected result. On the other hand an Efficient Person is the one who performs or functions in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort.

The thin line of difference is these two types is that an effective person always do the right things, whereas an efficient person does the things right. So, in case of an efficient person the job is done right but the job may not be the right one to be done. In simple terms it may be said as doing a wrong thing perfectly.

Again, if the available definitions are considered then, Effectiveness is about doing or using the right things — things that yield positive results and Efficiency is simply about doing things right — i.e., completing a task cheaper or faster.

In our day-to-day life this thin line of difference makes a huge difference in terms of Task Accomplishment, Productivity and indirectly in our own happiness. Doing the Right Thing gives us mental peace…

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Lessons of Life…

New Year 2018

The driver was an aged person who came to pick me up from the airport. It was already late, as my scheduled had changed due to weather conditions and I landed at Mumbai Airport around 4 hours late in the night only a few moments away remaining for a new day to start. The road leading to my place of stay was conducive for me to start a conversation with him. I came to know from him that he was person who has been thriving to earn a living by honest means. The journey was short and I released him after signing the duty slip and paying him some pocket money. The next morning as I had to travel again, he came on time to drop me and on way to the airport he spoke about the problems created by outsiders in Mumbai. I was quite impressed by his observations and honest speak, and so, to continue with the discussions, I requested him to be with me during my return stay at Mumbai, which was five days away. As he dropped me at the airport, I offered him some pocket money, to which he mildly declined by saying that I had already given me yesterday.  But, on my insistence, he finally accepted. I was looking forward to continue the talking with him and it happened. It was during the journey to Thane, where he spoke in minute details about his observations.

According to him, the people who have crowded Mumbai for various opportunities have created problems for the local people resulting in the recent turmoil. The outsiders work for various jobs like drivers, security guards etc., for  a minimal wage such that it becomes difficult for a local person to work at such wage. The reason is that most of these people live together for which their rent of accommodation and food bill is considerably less. Further, they are always ready to work the extra hour. This is a win-win situation for both the owner and the worker.  But, in case of a local person, the expenses includes family accommodation, kids school fees etc. etc. So, they are unable to survive with such a mere wage. This has resulted in less jobs for the local people and more import of such people from the other states. So, the local people have no other option but to revolt/ agitate against these outsiders only to survive i.e. to earn and live.

He was also very much concerned about the caste division prevailing among the people from northern India, as even they are staying in Mumbai, the upper caste people always derive respect from the lower caste people. When, he inquired, he was told that if they do not do, the adverse effect will be in their families who have stayed back. There, he highlighted the role of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, in successful eradication of the caste system in rural Maharashtra and also the positive effects of Buddhism.

Finally, he spoke about one of his friend, who was an auto-rickshaw driver and always indulged in unethical activities. His friend was enjoying his life and was always in debt. No advice could make him change his habits. As his debts grew, he had no other option, but to flee from Mumbai and disappeared for about a year. Then he came back in his new role, as a priest, with long beards and hair, vermilion on his forehead. Since, he was from the family of priest; he went back to his village and started his new role. Now, he has come back and within a month he has been able to make a mark as a priest. His earnings have also increased and also confided that it is the easiest way to make money.

He told me that in-spite of all the hardship; he has never tried to do anything unethical. He always believes that ‘Good deeds bring good results and as a human being, we must never try to harm, cheat others as these are temporary and causes more pain to self then others in the long run.’ 

I was taken aback by his philosophy of life, his analytic ability and practical approach to face the real situation of life. These were invaluable learning’s for me and will always remain grateful to him.

I salute him through my blog and pray to the Almighty to bless him to be his self always and attain his wish of making his son and daughter true educated citizens.


October 06, 2015




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Be a Child…

Be a child. A child says about his birthday to others “Today is my Happy Birthday.” Before speaking the child make his / her birthday a happy one.
How many of us can speak about our actions, events as a happy one from within. The child speaks out of his intuition. But, as adults we just stop, scan around for all those ‘ifs and buts’. Just speaking one’s heart out works most of the time in life.
Again my golden principal, “God has created us with two ears and one mouth.” Remember…