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If you want to be happy, Be…Leo Tolstoy

Happiness is our own; no one has control over it. But, we ourselves are to be blamed as we find each and every reason to be unhappy. In our day to day life it may not be always possible to be happy all the time, but if we try we can limit on our reasons for unhappiness and move into being a happy person.

Let’s try to be happy no matter what. A few steps may be to read various literature available;

Image result for The Art of Happiness

One such good book to start with…

  • Steps towards happiness:
  • Positive Mindset: Try to be in a positive set of mind. It’s difficult, but remember that when we discuss our pain with others, it only multiplies. So, share such only if there is a need to be happy, share with someone who can feel it, support and most important is that you feel like sharing i.e. to lighten your burden or source or reason of unhappiness and you expect some positive encouragement in return.

Remember to what Leo Tolstoy said, “One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken.”

  • Be at One with Nature: Learn from Nature. No matter what, how much we give sorrow, try to harm, disturb nature, we fail as Nature remains the same. The trees again grows after we cut, the flower still bloom even after we pluck, river flows even stopped and so on. So, we must learn from nature; be happy by setting asides our sorrows. Look forward..
  • .Change Attitude: It is said the we try to change others than to change ourselves. The irony is that, if we are not able to change ourselves, how can we change others. Let out change our attitude, be positive and try to change our negativity with positive thoughts, action; somewhat an introspection of self in the positive direction.
  • Be content: Another important aspect is to be content. If we are content, we are happy because we have all we want. Our desires stop and we do not look at others, compare and let the material possessions become the reason of our unhappiness. Be content with what you have and enjoy happiness forever.
  • Gratitude: Just be grateful to everything; health, wealth etc. and be happy. I am grateful that you will read it, like it, comment and it will make happy. Even criticism, will make me happy after momentary anguish as it will help me to be a better person…

Please stop by and offer your valuable thoughts… SEE YOU SOON.

24 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. So true and agree. We are the one who can make ourselves happy. Like yesterday, the flight gir delayed by 6 hrs, was stranded in the airport, enjoyed the long wait and great things happened. Thank you for reading, providing feedback. It will help to continue.


  2. Very well written, Brother. Keep it up. Actually, happiness, peace of mind, satisfaction are subjective words as they are measured by one’s own soul, mind and heart only. Anyway, thanks for giving me the opportunity to go through it.


  3. Brilliant way to understand the thoughts of happiness. Keep on writing which not only makes you happy but also inspires other to be happy .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Reading your article was a reminder how to move forward in this time of change. And seeing the familiar faces and sights through your write up was a bonus. thank you sir.

    Liked by 1 person

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