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Inherent Cleanliness

27th November, 2018, accompanied my wife to Koomchang TE ME School, ( around 4 kms from Kakapathar, Tinsukia district, Assam, India on her duty as external evaluator for Gunotsav.


(Gunotsav is a quality enhancement initiative of the State for bringing about improvement in learning level of students at Elementary level,

These 4 kms through the tea garden was a difficult drive and the dry season only made it possible. Wonder, how the people commute in the rainy season.

The school was so clean both inside and outside that it stands as an example. One specific observation, after chewing the betel nut, a person went outside the campus to spit in the drain. Truly unbelievable. 99.99% students are from the tea community and naturally the SMC members also belong to the same community. The cleanliness speaks of the inherent feeling for the same among the students, teachers and the community. The nearby football field was so clean that no litter was seen. Garbage were dumped in a specific dump. It was somewhat unexpected. On the flip side, the roof blown away by the devastating thunderstorm of 2012 is still missing in spite of the efforts made. The visit around with the Gaonburah ( a young energetic youth) was another experience to be cherished for days to come….


The people living in such a remote corner of the country are so much aware about the need for a clean surrounding and environment. In spite of the shortcomings, like, a minimum travel of at least 7 kms in such deplorable road to reach a market coupling with the fear of attack by wild animals is truly outstanding and commendable. These are TRUE UNSUNG HEROES who have made this planet a beautiful place to live in…

May God Bless…

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