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Preparedness… the concluding part.


Why should I hire you? Preparedness for this question will enable a candidate to answer effectively in line with the employer’s greatest needs and desires. Thus the appropriate answer to this question may tilt the balance favourable. Any fumble will just put fast forward to undesirable end.

What are your outside interests / hobby? Here the interviewer wants to know about your extra-curricular activities with the idea to know how effectively you will utilize your spare time. In a tricky way, the interviewer also wants to ascertain that your weighted outside interests / hobbies shall not come in the way of your performance. So, preparation is very much essential to answer in such a way that it strikes a right balance between work and leisure.

What good books have you read lately? It may be a probing one to the above question or a simple question to know about your true knowledge. Here, advance preparedness will help you to reply and make it more in favour of you. The answer to such questions is an additional opportunity to win in the situation and make gains for future questions sealing the outcome favourable. The best way to prepare is to read a few good books which may include a recent bestseller.

Another, probing question may be, What are the areas you want to improve? This is the same question as of weakness but attired in a different manner. Only advanced preparedness will help one to answer it properly without any mismatch to the earlier answer. So, it is always advisable to prepare for such questions.

In case of any shortcoming that may be highlighted by the interviewer, it is better to be open and straightforward in admitting the shortcoming, nothing to hide attitude. The most common mistake made in such cases is unnecessary apologies and further trying to explain / justify the reasons of the shortcoming. The motto here is to show optimism, attitude for changing self and come out of the adverse situation with flying colours.

P_20170619_110626_1_p To tackle hypothetical questions, where a problem or a difficult situation is put up, the interviewee without preparedness will find the situation more difficult than the one who has made advance preparations. Even though, it is impossible to prepare in advance for such questions, a study of literature on the subject may help a lot. The adept procedure to be followed in such a situation is to listen carefully, analyze it in mind and give inputs, but never ever give any conclusions. Again a rule of thumb in such ‘what would you do?’ questions is that the answer should be to describe one’s own working methods or processes,  which demonstrates qualities like leadership skills, initiative, managerial skill, persuasiveness, courage, persistence, intelligence, etc. but sparing conclusions.

Finally remember, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” Bobby Unser

          Preparedness is the key and so with words of Abraham Lincoln, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I would spend six sharpening my axe”, prepare to win.



4 thoughts on “Preparedness… the concluding part.”

  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful blog….. It will surely helps freshers to clear the interview. …. This are the common questions but yet becomes difficult to give answers. …..
    Hope to get more blogs to read.

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